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FanlLight Numbers Still Popular

Fanlight numbers, known as transom numbers in the USA first became popular over a century ago; they still remain a popular addition to period homes today. There are many reasons for this and the main ones will be discussed below.

1) In-keeping with traditional house features

It is very fashionable to keep the period features of a house as close to the original as possible. Maintaining period features maintains the character of the building, and if every house does the same, the character of the road or area as a whole is maintained.

2) Hardwearing

Often, modern house numbers are made from ceramic or metal materials. Cheap metals tarnish easily, particularly in wet weather, meaning that they will not last very long and will detract from the overall look of the front of your house. Similarly, ceramic house numbers generally have letters which are stuck on and tend to peel off easily or fade in bad weather or direct sunlight. They are also fragile and can be broken if they fall or are hit by something.

Modern fanlight numbers are made from hardwearing materials and will not peel or fade. In fact, they are so hardy that they have a guaranteed life of 10 years.

3) Variety

Fanlight numbers are available in a number of colours and styles. They come in traditional gold, as well as silver and white colours so that you can choose which one best compliment your property. Similarly, you can choose from drop shadow, outline shadow or having no shadow around the numbers to make them more prominent.

It is clear to see why fanlight numbers have maintained their popularity over the years they are functional yet fashionable. As they are built to last, buying a fanlight number is a relatively inexpensive investment, adding to its appeal and therefore popularity.

If you are looking for quality fanlight numbers at affordable prices, visit the Fanlight Number Company. They offer a range of styles of fanlight numbers which are made to stand the test of time and weather. All products are designed to be easily installed by yourselves, or alternatively they will install them for you.

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